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Kanata Old-timers Hockey Association - News Item

Your league site is http://koha.hockeypage.com

KOHA Spare Players Policy

KOHA Spare Players Policy

Spares for Skaters

  1.  No calling a spare UNLESS you will have less than 10 skaters. ie: max number of players, if you have a spare, is ten
  2. Your spare(s) collective skill should not exceed the missing player(s) skill level
    1. ie: you cannot make your team better
    2. If you can avoid it, please do not pull in "A" pool players as spares
  3. Let your Opposing team captian know by email well prior to the game
  4. Spares can only come from the spares list or be an existing KOHA player
  5. During playoffs, spares may only come from existing KOHA players and no "A" pool replacments
  6. Disputes go to the spares committee
  7. "A" pool players are those drafted in top four rounds and spares ranking set by spares committee
Spares for Goalies

  1. Spares must come from full time or approved spares list
  2. "A" pool goalie can be substituted with "A" pool goalie or "B" pool goalie
  3. "B" pool goalie can on ly replaced by "B" pool goalie
  4. If you have a "B" pool goalie and can only find an "A" goalie to spare, you either need the opposing captains OK or approval from the spares committee
  5. Let your opponent know by email
  6. "A" pool goalies are the goalies as identified by spares committee. Spares ranking set by the spares committee.


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