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Topaz Hockey 2013 - News Item on hockeypage.com


**Hey guys, some of you may have noticed that the Goalie Stats are NOT correct. and you are right. And I will explain: It's because we have different team each week, and It was the ONLY way I could set up the stats page in order to track everyones stats properly, so all players are on one team and all goalies are on another.**

To get correct Goalie Stats:  

Times 2 on "Games Played" (GP) 

Divide by 2 on  "Average" (AVG)

(GA) Goals Against = are accurate on the stats page.



                                           (G) (GA) (AVG)

Justin Massie (G)2013 Goalies11313.00
Steve Wauthy (G)2013 Goalies1.52416.00
Shane Warde (G)2013 Goalies0.51020.00

*so when you do the math it should be: 

                                          (G) (GA) (AVG)

Justin Massie (G)2013 Goalies2136.5.0
Steve Wauthy (G)2013 Goalies3248.00
Shane Warde (G)2013 Goalies11010.00