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General Information

How long does it take to create a site for my league? It only takes a few minutes to get your league up-and-running. Simply fill out the Build Your Own League page and click ‘Submit’ and your league's new site is instantly created. Then you simply add the team rosters and schedules and you’re ready to go!

How much is a registration? We offer all new customers their first season for free, whether it’s a winter, summer, roller, ball or floor hockey league. Subsequent years cost $485 $100 per season – which is only about $1 per player for an average sized league (120-150 players). Price reduced to $100 as of September 2006.

What if my league signs up halfway through our season? has a feature that lets you enter past games in ‘batch format’, meaning you can enter ‘totals to date’. From that point, you simply enter the new game stats and players then have access to complete and accurate season statistics.

We keep our game results in a spreadsheet already. Won't this double our work? No. Think of this Web database as an ‘online spreadsheet’ for your league. Once the information is entered into, you can download your statistics into a spreadsheet as often as you like.

Can we use for our pre-season exhibition games? Yes. Fill out all your team rosters, and enter only the exhibition schedule into the Web database. Once your exhibition schedule is complete, use one of the "Season Cleanup" options in the "Administer" section. There you can instantly erase the entire exhibition schedule without affecting the rosters. The rosters can be adjusted if required, and the regular season schedule can then be entered.

What about sports other than hockey? can be used to track game results, goals, assists, penalties, and goaltenders statistics for any team sport and it can be used to track all or just some of these statistics. We are, however, developing customized versions – specific to other sports.

What are those little yellow question marks? Some of the pages and features on have little yellow question marks. These icons provide additional detail on context-specific topics. Give them a click and have a look.

Send a note to Ted if you need more help.


Can anyone in my league enter statistics? As a league administrator, you get to dictate who has access to make changes and additions to the site. Your stats are protected with a user name and password, and you can give them to others – to share the duties.

If a player changes sweater number, will their statistics be affected? Each player has a hidden unique code so you can change sweater numbers, positions, names – and even their team in case they get traded – and their stats will remain accurate.

Do we have to track all of the stats you collect in Not at all. What you track is entirely up to you. When you Set Up or Modify Your League in the ‘Administer’ section, you can specify which statistics to collect, and you will only be prompted to enter the information that you have chosen.

What happens if a player switches teams? If a player subs for another team for a game, or is permanently traded, you can easily move him or her from one team to another in the "Administer" section – and all of his or her stats will remain intact. In the case of a one-game substitution, you simply ‘re-trade’ the player back to their original team – once the stats for that particular game have been entered. The same applies to penalties.

What if I make a mistake? No problem. Go to the game in question by clicking on ‘Administer’, ‘Record Game Results’, then date. Click the button labeled “Mark Game Not Complete. This item simply lets you go into edit mode – so that you can change goal or penalty details. Once you make the change, the button changes to “Mark Game Complete” and clicking this will recalculate goals, assists and penalty minutes. Note: You have to click on ‘edit or delete goal details’ at the top of the screen.

How do I enter mid-season stats? It’s easy. Once your roster has been entered, go to ‘Administration’ and select ‘Teams/Player/Trades’. Pick a team, scroll down, and you’ll see the form for bulk entry. If you prefer to enter bulk stats by player, simply click on each player’s profile and you will find a similar form.

Send a note to Ted if you need more help.

Passwords and Security

What if I lose my password? Send your name, league name and email address to the We will reset your password and send it to you. Only your league statistician(s) require a password. The rest of the players and public can view the statistics without logging in.

Who has access to our league information? Anyone who has Web access can view your league page and stats; however only your administrators can add, modify or delete information.

The Web is public, so what about our players’ privacy? takes privacy issues seriously. Team rosters are entered by your league administrator(s), and the fields for phone numbers and email address have check boxes for each individual player – indicating whether or not to display those fields on the public area of It's up to you and the players. Even if you don’t want your players’ information made available to the public, you might still want to enter it into for your own private league reasons.

Send a note to Ted if you need more help.