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Game Summary

Kanata Old-timers Hockey Association - Game Summary

Your league site is http://koha.hockeypage.com
Summary      Playoff Game Sun Mar. 01 2020   07:30 AM
@ Kanata Recreation Complex - Rink BScorePIM
A and B Sports74
Line X22
Period 1 Penalties
A and B Sports2 Standard, Sub2:00 - Roughing14:30
A and B Sports4 McKenny, Sean2:00 - High Sticking00:01
Period 1 Scoring
A and B Sports24 Cape, Barry (17 Wakerell, Dan)20:20
Line X15 Bengough, Peter (10 Boocock, Jonathan)18:10
Line X10 Boocock, Jonathan (21 Nogue, Jean Marie;  9 Stalkie, Bruce)13:10
A and B Sports17 Wakerell, Dan (24 Cape, Barry)11:11
A and B Sports16 Medl, Chris (17 Wakerell, Dan;  30 Lipson, Jeff)10:30
A and B Sports9 Mutton, Scott (24 Cape, Barry;  11 Southin, Mike)08:00
A and B Sports10 Turgeon, Rob (9 Mutton, Scott;  24 Cape, Barry)06:44
Period 2 Penalties
Line X2 Feeley, Mark2:00 - Tripping00:26
Period 2 Scoring
A and B Sports24 Cape, Barry14:00
A and B Sports19 Kinkade, Daryl (17 Wakerell, Dan)01:55
Goalies GA Shots Played GAA
Lipson, Jeff - A and B Sports 2 20 100% 2.00
Moore, Cory - Line X 7 20 100% 7.00