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Game Summary

Kanata Old-timers Hockey Association - Game Summary

Your league site is http://koha.hockeypage.com
Summary      League Game Sun Nov. 07 2021   07:30 AM
@ Kanata Recreation Complex - Rink BScorePIM
G and V Dry Wall34
Period 1 Penalties
G and V Dry Wall3 Barton, Keith2:00 - Slashing10:10
Oldtimers5 Downs, Phil2:00 - Interference02:50
Period 1 Scoring
Oldtimers9 Evelyn, Chris21:20
Period 2 Penalties
Oldtimers21 Evelyn, Rob2:00 - Tripping12:00
G and V Dry Wall14 Buchanan, Keith2:00 - Roughing07:15
Oldtimers9 Evelyn, Chris2:00 - Interference03:40
Period 2 Scoring
Oldtimers9 Evelyn, Chris (8 De Curtis, John;  11 Arrigo, Richard)20:40
Oldtimers27 Johnson, Ken19:00
Oldtimers27 Johnson, Ken (19 Emond, Sylvain;  21 Evelyn, Rob)18:20
G and V Dry Wall7 Kinkade, Daryl (4 Tasse, Paul;  2 Galbraith, Karl)10:45
Oldtimers27 Johnson, Ken (9 Evelyn, Chris;  55 Dash, Randy)10:00
G and V Dry Wall7 Kinkade, Daryl (14 Buchanan, Keith;  3 Barton, Keith)09:10
Oldtimers4 Blair, Bruce (19 Emond, Sylvain;  2 Girouard, Rheal)06:40
Oldtimers19 Emond, Sylvain (9 Evelyn, Chris;  4 Blair, Bruce)05:20
G and V Dry Wall14 Buchanan, Keith04:40
Goalies GA Shots Played GAA
Goodwin, Malcolme - G and V Dry Wall 7 20 100% 7.00
Cinciripini, Ettore - Oldtimers 3 20 100% 3.00