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Game Summary

Kanata Old-timers Hockey Association - Game Summary

Your league site is http://koha.hockeypage.com
Summary      Playoff Game Sun Feb. 09 2020   08:30 AM
@ Kanata Recreation Complex - Rink BScorePIM
G and V Dry Wall30
Lovsin Chiropractic80
Period 1 Scoring
G and V Dry Wall10 O'Sullivan, Sean (3 Lake, Eric)19:30
G and V Dry Wall5 Moncrieff, Don (9 Vena, Jack;  10 O'Sullivan, Sean)17:00
Lovsin Chiropractic12 Temple, James15:56
Period 2 Scoring
Lovsin Chiropractic4 Bowden, Gary (15 Lovsin, Dave;  5 Albert, Don)21:00
Lovsin Chiropractic12 Temple, James (4 Bowden, Gary)18:30
Lovsin Chiropractic5 Albert, Don (11 Prevost, Peter;  4 Bowden, Gary)17:40
Lovsin Chiropractic12 Temple, James (8 Sargent, Rob;  2 Fennell, Dave)13:40
Lovsin Chiropractic5 Albert, Don (8 Sargent, Rob;  12 Temple, James)08:50
Lovsin Chiropractic11 Prevost, Peter (9 Levesque, Len;  15 Lovsin, Dave)08:10
G and V Dry Wall5 Moncrieff, Don (9 Vena, Jack)04:12
Lovsin Chiropractic12 Temple, James (6 Morden, Brian;  8 Sargent, Rob)03:10
Goalies GA Shots Played GAA
Corbella, Roberto - G and V Dry Wall 8 20 100% 8.00
Splinter, Dave - Lovsin Chiropractic 3 20 100% 3.00