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Game Summary

Bulldogs Test League - Game Summary on hockeypage.com

Summary      League Game Tue Sep. 08 2009   08:00PM
@ Jamestown Ice CastleScorePIM
Eager Beavers832
Red Herrings319
Period 1 Penalties
Red Herrings2 Storey, Red2:00 - Bench Minor16:00
Eager Beavers4 Montana, Joe4:00 - Checking to Head08:47
Eager Beavers10 Bond, James2:00 - Elbowing02:66
Eager Beavers3 Valdez, Juan2:00 - Bench Minor00:00
Period 1 Scoring
Eager Beavers4 Montana, Joe (7 Comet, Johhny;  10 Bond, James)14:44
Red Herrings15 Rider, Red (11 Auerbach, Red;  32 Head, Red)08:03
Eager Beavers7 Comet, Johhny (10 Bond, James)04:44
Eager Beavers3 Valdez, Juan00:00
Eager Beavers3 Valdez, Juan (4 Montana, Joe;  7 Comet, Johhny)00:00
Eager Beavers4 Montana, Joe00:00
Period 2 Penalties
Eager Beavers10 Bond, James2:00 - Elbowing09:25
Eager Beavers10 Bond, James5:00 - Fighting07:43
Period 2 Scoring
Red Herrings88 Fisher, Red (9 Skelton, Red)11:08
Eager Beavers10 Bond, James (3 Valdez, Juan)05:02
Period 3 Penalties
Eager Beavers7 Comet, Johhny5:00 - Fighting16:15
Eager Beavers7 Comet, Johhny10:00 - Game Ejection16:15
Red Herrings11 Auerbach, Red5:00 - Fighting16:15
Red Herrings11 Auerbach, Red10:00 - Game Ejection16:15
Eager Beavers10 Bond, James2:00 - Holding the stick05:42
Red Herrings2 Storey, Red2:00 - Slashing04:02
Period 3 Scoring
Eager Beavers3 Valdez, Juan (4 Montana, Joe;  7 Comet, Johhny)05:02
Eager Beavers3 Valdez, Juan (7 Comet, Johhny;  10 Bond, James)05:02
Period 4 Scoring
Red Herrings55 Sox, Red (32 Head, Red;  11 Auerbach, Red)05:04