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Intramural Floor Hockey Rules & Regulations

Intramural Floor Hockey Rules


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1.    The following rules are specific to Intramural Floor Hockey.

2.    Abuse or Harassment of any Intramural official will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with appropriately.

3.    The official has complete authority as to the severity of infractions and has the control to halt the play at any time if deemed appropriate.

4.    Games shall consist of two 15 – minute periods with a 5 minute half-time in between. Total game time shall not exceed 40 minutes and may be reduced to end on time. If the score is tied at the end of the game, a best of 3 shoot-out will occur. If the score is still tied at this time, the shoot-out becomes first to score when the other team does not. A win is worth 2 points in the standings, a loss is worth 0, and an over-time loss is worth 1 point. (THERE ARE NO TIE GAMES)

5.    Playing area consists of the entire gym and its walls. If the ball leaves the playing area the referee will determine possession.

6.    A team should have six players (including goalie) on the floor to start the game, however, a team is allowed to play with a minimum of 4 players. Anything less will result in forfeit.

7.    All games start at the scheduled time. For every 5 minutes a team is late, 1 goal will be awarded to the opposing team. If after 15 minutes a team is still not ready to start the game, the game will be defaulted.

8.    Only under exceptional circumstances will a game be rescheduled. Not all missed games will be able to be rescheduled. If a team is not able to make a game the captain needs to inform the oppositions captain and Mr. Slivka or Mr. Ditson 24 hours before the gametime.

9.    Face-offs will occur at the beginning of each half and after every goal.

10. Penalty-shots will be awarded to a player if they are interfered with on a breakaway or if the puck is smothered by a player in the crease area.

11. Substitutions are to be made on the fly, but be aware of too-many-men penalties.

12. A team must always have one player on the offensive and defensive end of the floor at all times. If this rule is broken the play will be whistled dead and possession will be given to the opposition where the ball lies.

13. Scorekeeping will be the responsibility of the official.




1.    Any current Carney student is eligible to participate in Intramural Floor Hockey.

2.    All players must sign the game sheet and show a valid Go-Card

3.    Players not included on the team’s roster, submitted to the Intramural Coordinators prior to the league’s commencement are ineligible to play.  Competing for more than one Intramural Floor Hockey team is not permitted.

4.    To be eligible for playoffs, a player must have competed in a minimum of four regular season games for the team which they intend to represent.




1.    Players are advised to wear gloves and shin pads, but it is not mandatory.

2.    Sticks will be supplied by the Phys. Ed Department for indoor games.  In outdoor games the players will be responsible for bringing their own sticks.

3.    The official has the right to remove any piece of equipment which he/she deems to be dangerous, including but not limited to: jewelry (this includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.). Exceptions: medical alert necklaces and bracelets must be taped to body.

4.    All players must wear pinneys/jerseys over their clothing.

5.    Goalie equipment will be provided by the Phys. Ed Department.




1.    All minor penalties (high-sticking, tripping, slashing, hooking etc.) will be 2 minutes in duration.

2.    Major penalties (body contact, roughing etc.) are 5 minutes in length.

3.    Match penalties (fighting, etc) will result in a game misconduct and suspension from league play for as long as the Intramural Coordinators see fit.

4.    Any player who receives 3 minor penalties in a game will automatically receive a game ejection and be suspended from the next game.

5.    Officials reserve the right to eject any player who displays severe unsportsmanlike behavior including the abuse of officials and other players.

6.    Fighting will not be tolerated, and any individual guilty of this conduct will be suspended indefinitely from the league and all intramural sports, upon review by the intramural coordinators. In case of a fight, all players not involved must go to their benches or they will be assessed an automatic game misconduct penalty.

7.    PLAY IS NON-CONTACT. The body cannot be used to move on opposing player. No body-checking, no pushing, and no charging.  Body contact will result in a 5 minute penalty and if severe (fighting, elbowing, etc.) will result in a match penalty and expulsion pending the opinion of the intramural coordinators.




1.    Playoff formats will be decided on halfway through the regular season and will be communicated to the team captain’s.




NOTE: All games protests must be received in writing within 24 hours of the incident.