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Bakersfield Ice Sports Center Adult Hockey League - News Item on hockeypage.com

New League Information

*Also as a reminder to everyone, please make sure all your players have a number on the back of their jersey by week 1and USA hockey is up to date.  Also please have 1 color jerseys during your game.  If your team is purple for example, please don't have players in purple, blue, and black jerseys.  Stick to one color.

* Games will consist of 3 20-minute run time periods, with a stop clock being implemented the last 5 minutes of the 3rd period with the score within 5 goals or less.  

* Over time will consist of a best of 3 shootout.  If no winner is decided after 3 shooters per team, sudden death shootout will begin.  
    **playoff over time rules are still being discussed

* Penalties will now be 2 minutes run time.  If a penalty ends at a stoppage of play, that player may exit the penalty box during the stoppage of play.  If the penalized team is taking to long to get into the face-off circle or change lines, they will be given a delay of game penalty (referees discretion).  

* Roster approved players must play a minimum of 8 games during the regular season to be eligible for playoffs.  Subs are prohibited from playing in playoffs.

*Subs cannot play if your team has more than 9 people playing that week.  Subs are required to pay $15 for every game they fill in on.

 *Each player must have an assigned number on their jersey (subs included). 

*New rules for this season -

Players will "check in" with score keeper or officials prior to playing 

3 penalties by one player in 1 game = ejection and 1 game suspension 

8 penalties by one player in 1 season = 1 game suspension 

20 total team penalties in 1 season = captain of team 1 game suspension  

Game misconduct = 1 game suspension minimum 

2 10-minute misconducts in a season by 1 player = 1 game suspension 

Each suspension will result in a fine.  Fine amount will be dependent on  severity of altercation and situation.  Minimum amount will be $25 with a maximum amount being $100.  Fine must be paid prior to player being able to play again. 

3 suspensions by a player in a single season will result in being removed/banned from the league until further notice.   

 Lower League - No slapshots (Stick coming above waist).  Violation will result in faceoff in defending zone. (no penalty) 


I hope this season is a turning point in our league and everyone enjoys themselves.  Contact me if you have any questions about anything and ill answer them the best I can. 

 Good luck this next season
Chase Hunter