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Topaz Hockey - News Item

Topaz Hockey - "FAQ & Information"

**All information about Topaz Hockey can be found BELOW, if you have further questions, please feel free to contact Shane at 250-590-7420 or James at 250-818-7400 Thanks**
 2007 - Present 2012
@ Topaz Park / Year Round / Rain or Shine
 1 pm – 6 pm (April 8st – September 30th 2012)
 12 Noon - 5 pm (October 1st – March 31st 2012)
We are a local non-profit organized outdoor street hockey club. We play year round at Topaz Park - Rain or Shine. Every summer we purchase a permit from the City of Victoria Parks and Recreation for the usage of Topaz Park’s lacrosse box; to guarantee our play time during peak seasons like summer and fall. We have been purchasing the permit since 2008 and continue to present day. We encourage all players to come out and join us (Please read below for further details regarding drop-in and/or fulltime). “We are all about having great Sportsmanship while having Fun playing Hockey with good friends; mixed age levels and mixed skill levels, with one thing in common; passion for hockey.”

Some of us have played at Topaz Park off and on since 1997. Back then, it was more of a Drop-in style; just show up on Saturday or Sunday and hope someone would be there playing hockey; not very much organization went into it. In 2007, we started to truly organize hockey at Topaz Park, with our friends. In 2008 we started a more organized approach with sign-up sheets. After having to compete with other sports teams such as lacrosse or bike polo, in 2009 we decided to purchase a permit from the City of Victoria Parks and Recreation to guarantee our playing time at Topaz and make it home. In 2010, our second year of the permit, we expanded our capacity to its limits, almost having too many players, but was great to see that the word was spreading to various communities about Topaz Hockey. 2011 was a great year as we continued what we had done in previous years; however this year we have incorporated stats and awards. Now in year five we have transformed Topaz Hockey into something it never was back then, thanks to the amazing players that keep supporting Topaz Hockey and keep coming out year after year. We are continuing to help grow and support the local community; making Topaz something much more than just a lacrosse box.

Bring you’re “A” game; and of course bring a stick and some gloves. Other gear for “players” is optional. Some players do use chin pads and/or jock. We do play with a mix of players on foot and on rollerblades, so rollerblades are optional and accepted. We even the teams out with players on foot and on blades, so all is fair. Make sure u bring some water and some food as well, you’ll need the energy, trust me. - All “goalies” that intend to play must have proper goalie gear and be fully dressed, no exceptions. All players agree to play at their own Risk.

We have pre-purchased a city park permit in April and we do this every summer from April to September to guarantee our playing time during the peak months for the lacrosse box. The permit is from 1:30 pm to 4:30pm every Sunday, that’s 3 hours of guaranteed hockey. However we usually end up playing till about 6pm. The permit is always present each Sunday at Topaz for two reasons, one: we have the right to present it to anyone or any team and ask them to leave. And two: as a proof of purchase for yourself. (Winter Hours – Starting October 1st-March 31st are: 12 noon – 5 pm)
It is $50 dollars to register for a fulltime spot and; this season is from the start of April to the end of September, which includes 26 guaranteed sessions of hockey. Please have payments in before April. Talk to Shane at 250-590-7420 regarding fulltime spot. The payment will go towards the cost of the permit and other things that we may need. In 2010 we purchased new NHL full size nets. 2011 we purchased new balls and awards for the stats winners. This year we will have another Year End Party, with any surplus. **All fulltime members also get these extras: a 10% discount from Kirby`s source for sports year round on all hockey purchases, new stats web page for stat updates, invite to the Year End hockey party and Awards Ceremony.**
Since all the fulltime members have paid into the permit prior to people playing it is only fair to charge a drop-in fee to help pay back the permit and help cover the other costs of balls, nets, goalie gear and such. Any surplus from drop-ins fees goes towards the Year End Party for the fulltime members. Last year we had a huge feast of food at Hecklers Bar n Grill. Since fulltime players have paid into the permit, they have the first rights to play; as we have a capacity limit at 26 players per Sunday and 2 Goalies. Once all the guys show up; if we don’t have a full roster, we allow “drop in players” to play for a $3 fee. - Everyone is welcome: Bring a friend out: $3 drop in fee. Please text Shane at 250-590-7420 ahead of time during the week before hockey especially during April-September so I can let you know if we have space, thanks.

YEAR END PARTY: As you know we are non-profit thus any funds created from fulltime fees and drop-in fees go back into the hockey; from nets to gear to balls and even a year end get-together. Every year we host a Year End party for all fulltime members! (ONLY for Fulltime Players)
STATS: After hearing a huge request from All of You; 2011 was the first year we kept stats! We will keep track of all goals, assists and games played for all players and for goalies we will keep track of all goals for, all goals against and games played. In year 2012 we are continuing with this as well as a NEW STATS WEB PAGE! Which ALL members will be able to access (no password requird) and view all the stats each week!! –
AWARDS CEREMONY: 2011 we also thought since we are starting Stats, it would be nice to have awards for the stats. Awards would be for such things as top goal scorer, top assist leaders, most points, most games played, most consecutive game played, best goalie etc… We are continuing that again this year in 2012. Some of the awards that are presented are Club awards, which means your name will go on the plaque and you can hold on to it for a year, then after it will be given back to the club; thus for the new year and new winner.
DISCOUNT: Only for fulltime members: We have a 10% Discount at Kirby’s Source for Sports, mention you play in “Topaz Hockey” for the discount and they will look up your name. - Effective in April once fulltime members pay.

We have made a proposal for the City of Victoria Parks and Recreation to make adequate improvements to Topaz Park lacrosse box not only for us but for the entire surrounding community that use that box. We are setting up a meeting with the City of Victoria Parks and Recreation and our goal once we present our proposal is to see Topaz as one of the best outdoor lacrosse boxes in Victoria and will be comparable with Esquimalt or Braefoot lacrosse boxes, if not better. March 28, 2011: We have had our meeting with the City of Victoria Parks and Recreation, and they have heard our proposal. We have included photo evidence of Topaz Lacrosse Box conditions from 2009. The meeting went well and even though the City of Victoria Parks and Recreation, is not entirely ready to rebuild the box or re-due the surface, they have guaranteed us that they would address safety issues at the box. Thus In 2010, we had seen the city make several repairs to the box, which included: repairs to the bottom of the boards around the entire box, removal of the rotten penalty boxes, concrete filled and graffiti removed. Now in year 2012, our goal is the same, to continue to improve the box for the community. This year we have asked for an adequate net lock up area to prevent our nets being damaged while being locked up at the box with a chain and lock. The city has agreed to help solve this problem near the end of September 2012. “It can only get better from here.”

HELPING THE COMMUNITY: We are proud to help out the community by getting involved in charity type events. (Please see below for more details!)

FIVE HOLE FOR FOOD CHARITY EVENT (MUSTARD SEED FOOD BANK): Five Hole for Food was started when a few friends (Richard Loat, Jonathan Buyco & Vic Lo) decided to take a trip across Canada, and since they had passion for hockey and helping the community, they geared up with friends, internet bloggers and sponsors across the nation. They decided to travel across Canada while stopping in each city along the way, playing hockey and raising money/food for local food banks to help all local communities. They coined the phrase Five Hole For Food and the rest is history. A 17 day trip and stopping in 13 different cities, including Victoria. In 2010 the goal was to hit 6,000 lbs of food, and they accomplished 9,000 lbs. This year the goal was 20,000 lbs of food and they have raised 30,000 lbs of food. Now in year 2 (2011), they have exceeded their expectations and the amount of support is unreal. Some top sponsors have helped out along the way such as Boston Pizza, Molson Canadian, London Drugs and GM: General Motors (which donated a car for them to use so they could travel across Canada). Topaz Hockey League has helped with this event and will continue to help make it grow! Any Questions Contact James at 250-818-7400.

UPTOWN 4-4 TOURNEY: VICTORIA HOSPITAL FOUNDATIONS: We helped in 2011, at the Uptown Shopping Center with the 4-4 hockey tourney and charity event to help raise money for the Victoria Hospital Foundations, we succeed in raising $2000.00 The tournament was a success and we plan on helping again this year, making it bigger and better. Any question contact Shane at 250-590-7420.
We hope to set up the first ever Non-Profit Organized Outdoor Street Hockey League in Greater Victoria - Why play ball hockey indoors at rinks around town during the summer, when we can take advantage of the outdoor lacrosse boxes available to us in each Municipality in Greater Victoria. Once we have a team to host each lacrosse box in each Municipality. We can start a League. We will try to get the City of Victoria and other surrounding Municipalities onboard with our future goal as well. Keep you posted, if you would like to help contact us! Shane at 250-590-7420.

Topaz Hockey
 Founder/Organizer: Shane Nicholls // 250-590-7420 //
 Founder/Organizer: James Mallach // 250-818-7400 //