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The FSHL - News Item

FSHL Day 2, 3 Stars and Oscar Mayer Weiner of the Week

This week's Oscar Mayer Weiner of the Week goes to:

Not just one person, but the entire Cupchicks team for not showing up once again.

This week's three stars go to:

#3: Steve Kinney - Recorded a goal and an assist against the Boston Pancakes and recorded 4 goals and 1 assist against the Purple Parrots.

#2: Brian Gormley - Scored all 5 goals in his scrimmage game against Needmoney4ninjalessons and scored 3 goals and 2 assists against Team Kinney.

#1: Joe Rautenstrauch - Scored a goal against Needmoney4ninjalessons and also recorded a shootout goal in that game to help lift his team to victory. Not only was it a goal, but the whole way he batted the ball up on his stick, hit it up in the air, spun around backwards, and hit the ball past Terry Randolph. He also scored a goal against the Purple Parrots and scored in the shootout which ended up to be the game winner with no other players scoring.

-Commisioner Ed Spiesz