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The FSHL - News Item

FSHL Day 1 Recap

On June 1, 2008, the most elite sports league opened up the season with some high intensity battles. The first two teams up were Purple Parrots and Needmoney4ninjalessons. The Purple Parrots were up until a scrum between two brothers, Dan and John Cullen, broke out and Suffoletto slammed one home. Late in the game Randolph had the puck covered and the Purple Parrots practically stick raped him putting the puck in the net, but the goal was disallowed. In the end, Dan Cullen finished off the Purple Parrots with a shootout goal. The second game was between Cupchicks and Mannitoba Moose Knuckles. The Moose Knuckles opened up the scoring with 5 straight goals, but Mike Sage broke the shutout by scoring one for Cupchicks near the end of the game. The third game was a low scoring game between the Purple Parrots and Boston Pancakes which ended with the Purple Parrots winning 2-1. The fourth game was a heartbreaker as Cupchicks fell to 0-2 by losing to Team Kinney 7-3, although Cupchicks captain, Costa, actually contributed to his team by scoring a goal in this game. The fifth game was a blowout with the Boston Pancakes dominating Needmoney4ninjalessons 7-0. With Kevin Gormley subbing in to help out his brothers team they made a great duo to win the game. The final game of the night began with two teams that were going in undefeated at 1-0. Mannitoba Moose Knuckles took a quick 3-1 lead by the end of the first half, but Team Kinney wouldn't give up, only to still lose 5-4. The Mannitoba Moose Knuckles made good use of their team with every player getting a point in the game, but on Team Kinney, Steve was the only one to score with 4 goals, and Kevin Gormley getting 1 assist out of the game. This weeks Oscar Mayer Weiner goes to Corey Costa for picking such a good team that he can depend on to show up. The three stars of the week go to: 3.) Brendan Wright - He scored 5 goals in two games while throwing around his body to help his team stay undefeated. 2.) Matt Long - He scored 3 goals and had 5 assists to lead his team to two victories. 1.) Steve Kinney - Returning from his debut season last year and leading the league in points, he continues his massive scoring runs with 8 goals and 1 assist to contribute to about 80% of his teams goals.


-Commisioner Ed Spiesz