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The FSHL - News Item

FSHL Day 2 Recap

WOW WOW WEE WOW are the only four words that could describe Day 2 of the FSHL. No one thought this would happen, but no one from Cupchicks showed up again and Terry Randolph and Ed Spiesz were the only dedicated  goalies to show up. The day started off full of excitement and Needmoney4Ninjalessons went to a shootout against undefeated Mannitoba (Not Mannitobia) Moose Knuckles. Joe Rautenstrauch opened the shootout with a move that not even Wayne Grementzky the famous street hockey legend could pull off. After that goal, Chris Kinney scored, but Matt Long finished them off with a dazzling deke of his own to come out with a 6-5 win. The next game was Team Kinney up against the physical Purple Parrots in which they showed no competition for Steve Kinney's long reach and his knack for finding twine. The second half of the game started off with a fight at center court with John Cullen fighting Brian Long. This game showed why Steve Kinney made his team name his last name. Team Kinney went on to win 6-1. The third game of the day was Team Kinney against his former teammates team the Boston Pancakes. The Pancakes won 6-4 and Gormley and Kinney were once again the main contributers to their team. The fourth game of the day was the undefeated Moose Knuckles up against the Purple Parrots. This game also went to a shootout as the Moose Knuckles were desperate to stay undefeated. Joe Rautenstrauch had the lone shootout goal win the game. The final game of the day was Boston Pancakes up against Needmoney4ninjalessons as a scrimmage, but rewarded with wins because Cupchicks had to forfeit both of their games.

Until Next Time

-Commisioner Ed Spiesz