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Skateworld - News Item

Hockey Fights Cancer

Skateworld will sell Hockey Fights Cancer t-shirts with all profits being donated to The Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation. The shirts will have Skateworld's logo on the front and the Hockey Fights Cancer logo on the back. If you are interested in the fight against cancer please reserve your shirts today by providing me with the number of shirts you want with the sizes. Each shirt will be $15.00. Please respond via e-mail; The reason behind why I am selling the hockey fights cancer t-shirts is to donate the profits to the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation. Cancer has not just taken the lives of my grandfather, aunt, and uncle, but almost took the life of one of the kids I used to coach. This kid had so much passion for the game that it was he who taught me that if you truely love something and want to excel in it that there is nothing that can stand in the way. His passion was hockey, he was by no far the biggest or fastest, but he was always at practice early and he was always the last one off the floor, we would sometimes have to turn the lights off just to get him off the floor. So when the day came where he missed practice I knew something was wrong. I recieved a call from his mother that he was diagnosed with late stages of Non- Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I remember visiting him in the hospital when he was on his way to the operating room, I saw fear in his eyes for the first time, and I remember telling him that out of all the kids I coached that if I could pick anyone to make it through this it would be him. I told him to take his passion and determination to excel in hockey and apply it to living. Watching him go through cheomo was hard for me, so I can't image what he was feeling. I bought him "It's Not About The Bike", which is a novel written about Lance Armstrong's battle with cancer and how he went on to excel in a sport he truely loved. I don't know how many times he read that book, all I know is that it got him through some pretty tough times, so we just want to give a little back to assist Lance Armstrong's Foundation in finding a cure for this horrible disease. It is also important for you all to know that this player I talk about only had a 30% chance of living and this May will mark his 5 years of remission. And I am proud to say that he is one of my closest friends and still has great passion for hockey and continues to play at a collegiate level for Florida State University.