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Important League Rules

 The official USA Hockey playing rules can be found hereThere will be a no tolerance policy for unsportsmanlike conduct after the game. Furthermore, when the game is over so is the competitiveness, any frustration can be used to fuel next weeks performance, which means that any player that does not shake hands, throws their stick, uses abusive language or any other means of inappropriateness will be suspended for one game.  Displays of unsportsmanlike conduct during the game will also be penalized.Players must be wearing their full equipment when the game starts.  Most specifically, elbow pads and mouthguard must be in place or the team will receive a delay-of-game penalty and the player will not be allowed to participate until they are in full equipment.Penalties assessed by the referee, judged to be with intent to injure are automatic game misconduct. (Ejection of the offending player)