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SJCH Ice Center - News Item

Winter 2013-2014

New Rules Implemented This Season

·         Absolutely NO alcohol allowed on or around the bench.

o   Players cannot leave during a game to drink alcohol.

o   Game misconduct and $25 fine will be assessed if alcohol is found in possession of a player.  If alcohol is found on bench and no player claims it, team captain is responsible and team captain gets the game misconduct and $25 dollar fine.

·         Teams CANNOT add players to their roster past the 3rd week. 

o   If a team tries to add a player that is not on the roster they will be told he/she cannot play.  If they still continue to play the team will be forced to forfeit and the game will turn into a “pickup” game.

·         If a player only pays for half the season they can only play for half the season. 8 games.

o   Referee’s will be keeping track of which players show up to which games and keeping track of how many games each player has played.

o   Players must play minimum of 8 games to be eligible for playoffs.

·         A team is allowed only 1 nonsuited up player on the bench i.e. (coach, photographer).

o   Suspended players are not allowed on the bench.  They must be in stands.

·         No player is allowed on the ice until the referee has blown the whistle for warm-ups to start.

o   Players will first be warned to get off the ice and stay off.  If a player is on the ice before the whistle is blown that person will start the game in the penalty box forcing his/her team to start on the penalty kill. 

·         Players must have an assigned/designated # on the back of their jersey.

o   Tape will not be allowed as a form of # on the jersey. (except for week 1)

o   If a player does not have a # on the back of his/her jersey after week 1 they will not be allowed on the ice until they do. 

·         Penalties will now be 3 minutes with a running clock and 2 minutes with a stop clock.

o   If a player gets 3 penalties in 1 game he/she will be assessed a game misconduct on his/her 3rd penalty and will be suspended 1 game and fined $50.

o   Suspensions and fines are as followed:

§  Fighting - $50 fine and 1 game suspension

§  Game misconduct - $50 fine and 1 game suspension

§  Game misconduct for Alcohol - $25 and 1 game suspension

§  Game misconduct w/injury - $ undisclosed and suspension upon review

o   Players are not allowed to play until fine is paid and suspension is served.



Have a great season.

  Respect the rules.  Respect the game.