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RHL 2007 - 2008 - News Item

The BUZZ and Red Army to meet in RHL Cup Final again!

BUZZ and Red Army to meet in RHL Cup Final

This weekend's Semi-final playoff match ups could not have been any better.

BUZZ (1st place) vs Money (4th Place)

The BUZZ finished 14 points ahead of the Money in the regular season standings, but you would have not known that to be the case given the entertaining semi-final these two teams put on Saturday.  Game One - was end to end, hard running action.  The BUZZ pulled out a last second goal to tie the game at 3.  It would all come down to the second game to see who advanced to the final.  Game Two - Entertaining with a capital "E".  Ball hockey action at it's finest.  Many of the fans said this should be the final.  It will be sad to see one of these two great teams get eliminated.  The BUZZ scored first, but the Money answered back.  Much like the first game, the team trailing tied the game with only minutes to play.  The buzzer sounded to end regulation time.  This would mean that the RHL would have their first ever Playoff shootout to decide a winner.  Six players on each team would shoot, but in the end the BUZZ won the shootout 2 - 1 and advanced.  The BUZZ will make their Fourth RHL CUP appearance in the four years the league has been around.

Red Army (2nd place) vs Blackjacks (3rd Place)

The Blackjacks and Red Army put on a great display of ball hockey action for the first period of the first game, then the Blackjacks shit the bed.  Game One - Blackjacks lead game one at the half 3 - 2 and then fell apart.  The Red Army pressured them and came up with 6 unanswered goals in the second half to win the game 8 - 3.  Game Two - Much the same as the first game, the Red Army dominated the play.  The Blackjacks played desperate hockey, but did not have the energy to mount a comeback.  Red Army won the second game 8 -5. 

The BUZZ will play against the Red Army for the RHL CUP on March 15th for the second year in a row.  This should be a great battle as these teams play similair ball hockey styles.  It all comes down to a best of three final, with the winner taking home the RHL Cup.  Can the Red Army repeat as champions?  Or does the BUZZ get back the cup that they lost last year.  Start the trash talking on the Discussion board.

Best of luck to both teams !!!