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RHL 2007 - 2008 - News Item

RHL 2007 - 2008 Entry Draft and Trades

The RHL 2007 - 2008 Entry Draft

First Round Selections:

Money = Ferhan Bhanji

Blackjacks = Marc Hoekstra

Red Army = Leon Persaud

Money = Roland Saunders

Second Round Selections:

The BUZZ = Dustin Cherniwchan

Blackjacks = Peter Phan

Red Army = Scot Williams

The BUZZ = Brett Cox

Third Round Selections:

Money = Dean Pogue

Blackjacks = Aquino Nyuyen

Red Army = Frank Oldach

The BUZZ = Greg Dziwenko

Fouth Round Selections:

Money = Mike Watt

Blackjacks = Kent Penner

Red Army = Tyson Joyce

The BUZZ = Rob Severn



1) The BUZZ traded Gub Dezse to Money in exchange for John Price

2) The BUZZ traded Sean McCormack to Blackjacks in exchange for Marc Hoekstra

3) The BUZZ traded John Price, Pat Marangoni to the Red Army in exchange for Dave Yarham, Tyson Joyce