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Koolaid Cup - News Item

Pics and stuff

Attachment - Kooi reflectling

Attachment - Big has a beer and looks on

Attachment - Kooi smile's for the camera

Attachment - Gino and D. Lambo pose with the Cup

Attachment - 3 Beimers'

Attachment - Big preping for Big game

Attachment - D. Lambo in Ice hockey dressing room

Attachment - J. Lammers gets 2 in the pen

Attachment - #11, J. Lammers in the action

Attachment - John with the Puck

Attachment - D. Lammers blows into a plastic bag to check it for holes.

Attachment - Give him the puck! (J. Lammers)

Attachment - Big, Babych, D. Lamb, Booze'n at Lethbridge game.

Attachment - John in double coverage

Attachment - ...And tonights first start...#11, John Lammers!!!

Attachment - post game, Look'n good in his suit

Attachment - Babych, John, Gino, Dave

Attachment - group shot downstairs at the Collisium

Attachment - Babych at his new job.

The Boys (Top Row: Matty .V, Babych, Joe, Beim, Big, D. Lammers, Kooi, Folkerts,Bo, Pete, Boz.  Bottom row: Danny, Kool aid cup, Gino)


Post game...




Current KAC star Steven Folkerts,  with likley future star Brandon.  Will he be a Big Solid D-man? Or Power foward?  Or maybe even Golaie? 


One day Brandon...



Attachment - Big's guarentee