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CMCHL 2008-2009 - News Item


Cross Mainland Church Hockey League Player Eligibility/Waiver Form (Updated for 2008-2009)


Name (required): _______________________________


Email and/or Phone # (required): _________________________________________

Age (required): _________               Height: _________             Weight: _________

I am signing a written agreement that will allow me the privilege and benefits of playing in the men’s recreational hockey league called the CMCHL.

As a willing participant in the league, I understand that there are inherent risks to playing ice hockey.  Furthermore, I understand that the league DOES NOT carry insurance to cover my personal injuries that may occur during the course of a game and as such, I understand that I will be participating at MY OWN RISK.  I recognize that I may seek individual coverage if I so choose.  In the event that I get injured during the course of a game, I acknowledge that I am playing at my own risk and as such, will NOT seek compensation from the league President, Nathan Sather, the league in general or any individuals associated with the league, and will accept personal responsibility for said injury.


By signing this waiver I am confirming that I have read, understood and agreed to all points and issues addressed here in.  I also realize that without signing and submitting this document I am ineligible to play for any team in the CMCHL.


Date: ___________________


Player Signature (If under 18, parent/guardian): ____________________________________


Team Manager Endorsement of Signature (Initial here/REQUIRED): ____________

Any false information or representation on this document will cause a player to be ineligible and face suspension by the league.