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CMCHL 2007-2008 - News Item


CROSS MAINLAND CHURCH HOCKEY LEAGUE (CMCHL) Rulebook Updated for the 2007-2008 Season

In general the rules of the league will follow those of B.C.A.H.A. with some variation as follows:


All players must fill out a ¡§current¡¨ CMCHL Waiver Form prior to stepping on the ice.  Failing to do so will result in an Ineligible Player Penalty being assessed to begin the game.

General Game Format

Game time consists of three 15 minute Stop Time Periods, one 3 minute Warm-up, one 1 minute Prayer, and two 45 second Intermissions between periods.  No overtime or shootouts in the regular season.  *The ¡§Blowout Rule¡¨, as of the 2007-2008 season, will also cause the clock to run continuously in the 3rd Period only.  (ie: if the score in the game reaches a 6+ goal spread at the beginning or during the 3rd , that period will be running time for the entire length of the 3rd period EXCEPT FOR THE LAST MINUTE WHICH WILL ALWAYS

BE STOP TIME TO END THE GAME)  NOTE: Penalties will remain 2 minutes stop time in the event of a blowout score.  One 30 Second Timeout allowed per team in the 3rd Period ONLY.

Playoff Game Format

Game format will remain the same as in the regular season with the following exceptions.  Quarterfinal and Semifinal games will end with a Shootout if the score is tied at the end of regulation time.  The format for this will be a 5-Man-Shootout.  If the shootout remains a tie after the first 5, it becomes Sudden Death and each team must go through their roster until everybody has shot once.  Once a team¡¦s entire roster has shot, it must restart at the beginning of the shootout and in the same order.  Shooting out of order in the first round or during the second phase of sudden death will result in having a goal scored by an ineligible removed from the scoreboard to be re-shot by the correct player.

The playoff match-ups will happen as follows.  The top regular season teams from each Conference are the number 1 and 2 seeds for the playoffs.  The top 4 teams from each Conference will make the playoffs.  Should two teams be tied, the FIRST tie-breaker is Head to Head during the season, the SECOND is Least Penalty Minutes, the THIRD is Wins.  The top seeds always play the bottom seeds, always have home advantage and always have the earliest ice times throughout the playoffs.

The Cup Finals will end in Sudden Death Overtime.  Each overtime period will be 15 minutes of stop time.  There will also be an Ice Clean Intermission between the 2nd and 3rd periods, with

the potential for another ice clean after the second overtime period.  At the end of the game teams will shake hands at center and then line up on their respective blue lines.  The Team Captain for the victorious team will then come and accept The Cup from the President or Committee member, commence celebrations and pose for ¡§The Cup Champions Picture¡¨ at the center line in front of the fans.

Suspension Committee

Beginning in the 2007-2008 season for the purpose of suspensions, a committee of 5 Team Managers will be selected by the President for the duration of the regular season and playoffs.  Suspensions that are not ¡§automatic¡¨ will be reviewed by the league President.  He will then make a Suspension Recommendation and table it to the Suspension Committee to be voted on.  A Majority Vote will take place.  If the majority is in favor, the President will inform the league of the suspension.  If the majority is not in favor, committee members can make ratifications to then be voted on.  The league President will take the vote of whichever committee member tabled the ratification that is the subject of the vote.  If one of the committee members is not accessible, the President¡¦s vote will then count on the initial recommendation.

Minors, Majors, Misconducts - Suspensions

In the essence of good sportsmanship and the reality of all players needing to earn a living, Team Managers are responsible to impress upon their team that body contact is not favored in league play. Although incidental body contact can be expected, the interpretation of such is left to the referee. If the referee believes body contact was made with the intent to intimidate, harm, or gain an unfair advantage over an opposing player, a Minor, Major or Misconduct penalty will be assessed.

1.         Should a player receive 2 or more Misconducts, including Game and Gross Misconducts, during the course of a season, he MAY be suspended pending a review by the league President and the Committee.

2.         Any player assessed a Game Misconduct in the last 10 Minutes of a game will automatically be suspended for the following regular season or playoff game.  The exception for this is a Major Penalty + Game Misconduct that is deemed to be of an ¡§Accidental Nature¡¨ by the President and thus no suspension will be served.

3.         ¡§2-Minute Swearing Misconduct¡¨ penalties will NOW be assessed for profane language used harshly a) during a stoppage in play or b) directed at an opposing player or league official, including referees and scorekeepers during a stoppage in play or while play is in progress.  This penalty is to be treated the same way as a 10-Minute Misconduct (NOT creating a short handed situation), except where the duration is only TWO minutes.  This penalty does not replace the Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty.  It is to be used as a lesser sentence for those using the profanity that creates a negative environment but does not necessarily cross the line into unsportsmanlike conduct.  All generally recognized swear words in addition to crude comments and/or statements, at the discretion of the referee, will constitute the use of the 2-Minute Swearing Misconduct.  This penalty WILL count towards the Bonus Point, as well as the player¡¦s penalty minute totals.  This rule is extremely difficult to enforce with equal results for all players.  It should be treated as a tool for the referee to penalize players as fairly as possible based on the severity of their language, attitude, and behavior.

4.         MAJOR penalties. A player receiving his FIRST 5 Minute Major and automatic Game Misconduct will be excluded for the remainder of the game and the following complete game (please refer to the exception segment in rule #2 for issues on accidental Major Penalties and Suspensions). Should a player receive a SECOND 5 minute major during the same season, he will be excluded from the remainder of the game, and a minimum of two consecutive games with the possibility of an indefinite suspension pending a review by the league President and the Committee. Should a player receive a THIRD major penalty during the same season, he will be excluded from the remainder of the game plus the balance of the season, including playoffs - NO APPEAL.  Any goalie receiving a major penalty will PLAY THE REMAINDER of the game and serve and AUTOMATIC 1 game suspension.  He will be assessed a total of 15 minutes for the Major and Game Misconduct but will not be removed from the game.  A player receiving a FIGHTING major penalty will be suspended indefinitely pending a review by the league President and the Committee.  A fighting major should be assessed any time two or more punches to the head are thrown by a player, regardless of whether or not he has dropped his gloves.

5.         Any player assessed a MATCH penalty will be excluded from the remainder of the game and suspended indefinitely pending a review by the league President and the Committee. Should a player receive a second match penalty he will be excluded from the remainder of the game plus the balance of the season including playoffs ¡V NO APPEAL.

6.         Any player taking four minor penalties in the same game, upon receiving the FOURTH penalty will be excluded from the remainder of the game.  It is up to all 4 parties involved in the game to ensure that this rule is enforced, including Referees, Scorekeepers, and both teams.

7.         A 2-Game Suspension will be given to any player receiving 40 PIM in a season including Minors, Majors, Misconducts and Match Penalties.  Any player reaching 40 PIM is allowed to complete the game he is currently playing.  Upon reaching 60 PIM in the same season a player will be suspended for the balance of the regular season and playoffs.

8.         All SUSPENSIONS through the regular season games carry into playoff games, and further into the next season if required.

9.         Anyone on the bench of a team before/during/after CMCHL games, whether it be a coach, assistant coach, trainer, photographer, suspended player, friend or other, will be held accountable for their actions, conduct and comments through penalties assessed to the team they are representing.  Suspensions may be assessed to any of these people if their conduct is deemed to be of an unsavory nature and is showed to be acting against the Mission Statement or Core Values of the CMCHL.  Suspensions for these individuals will be assessed by the league President.

10.        Regular season penalty minutes do not carry forward into the playoffs. All players start at 0 PIM with a maximum allowable total of 12 PIM in Minors, Majors and/or Misconducts.  Misconducts and Major Penalties do count towards this total and have the potential to give players a quick exit from the playoffs.  The exception to this is if the Major Penalty is deemed as ¡§Accidental¡¨ or ¡§With No Intent to Injure¡¨ by the President and his Committee. Upon reaching 12 PIM or higher, a player will be suspended for the balance of the playoffs INCLUDING being excluded from the remainder of the game he is currently playing.  Match penalties result in automatic suspension for the remainder of the playoffs.

11.        REPEAT OFFENDERS and DANGEROUS PLAYERS. Players deemed to be repeat offenders or dangerous players by the president (ie: high number of suspensions, players prone to violence/unsportsmanlike conduct on ice) will only be allowed to play with Presidential consent.  This can be construed as an Indefinite Suspension and will be treated seriously.

12.        Suspended players are NOW allowed to be on the players bench (refer to rule #9).  If the referee believes a suspended player to be a threat or nuisance, he may be issued further penalties that will result in further suspensions.  Bench Minor penalties will be served by someone on the ice when the play is blown dead by the referee to issue penalties to suspended players on the bench.

13.        The CMCHL has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on abuse of officials.  Referees are there to do a job and whether a player likes the job they are doing or not, they are required to respect the officials or suffer potentially severe consequences.  These consequences could reach the highest level which would be ¡§expulsion from the league.¡¨

Each player and/or Team Manager is responsible for becoming familiar with these rules. Each Team Manager and/or player should be aware of his own or his player¡¦s penalty minutes. ALL automatic suspensions should be self directed by the offending individual or Team Manager. Should a player fail to serve an automatic suspension as per the above note, his team will receive a Forfeit Game and any points earned (including bonus point) will be lost with the opposition being given THREE points for the Win + Bonus Point regardless of their penalty minutes. The player and/or Team Manager will then face additional suspensions pending a review by the league President and the Committee.


CMCHL Unique Playing Rules

Each team rep MUST confirm their roster for that game with the scorekeeper before the puck drops.

i)          NO GOALTENDER:  Start as scheduled.  Must use a sixth skater until the goaltender is dressed. If the goaltender does not show, the game can be played in its entirety with the sixth skater. Should a goaltender get injured during a game, or receive a Match Penalty the team must replace the goalie immediately or play with a sixth skater until a new goalie can be found.  The sixth skater is always to be considered as the team deciding to ¡§pull their goalie¡¨ and will not get special treatment for rule violations while in the crease or out.

ii)          PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY.  A player must have played in a minimum of ¡§8¡¨ games to be eligible for the playoffs.  This amount has been lowered from 11 games in the past to 8.  There should be absolutely no expectation that a player with less than 8 games will be allowed to play in the playoffs as this is a Lower Mainland men¡¦s hockey standard.  Goaltenders need only 1 game for a specific team. No player may play for more than ONE team in the playoffs except goaltenders.  Injured players can attend games and be recorded on the scoresheet which will count towards playoff eligibility.  They MUST register their name with the scorekeeper at the beginning of the game and must remain on the bench as a part of the team for the length of the game.

iii)         EQUIPMENT.  Players must have full equipment with the exceptions of neck guards and face shields(a player missing any piece of equipment will result in an ILLEGAL EQUIPMENT penalty ). Jerseys must be numbered, one blank jersey per team can be taken as number ¡§0¡¨. Helmets must remain on at all times (ie: during warm-up, on the bench, in the penalty box etc.)  Players will be warned by the referee if not wearing helmets and on the second offence will be issued a Misconduct.

iv)         BLOWOUT RULE - If the final score of a game has a 6+ goal spread, the game is considered a blowout and the ¡§Blowout Rule¡¨ comes into effect.  This means that any player who has scored more than 3 goals in the game will have those goals over and above a hat-trick removed from the scoresheet and the final score of the game.  Players will only lose goals up to and including an amount where the final score is not reduced to less than a 5 goal difference.  All ¡§unassisted¡¨ goals that qualify will be removed first.  Assists for those goals will be kept and/or banked for another game¡¦s stats.  For Running Time in the 3rd period please refer back to General Game Format.

This rule is intended to prevent the attitudes and negative behavior that results in a blowout game rather than solve the ¡§problem¡¨ of a blowout score.  All team reps must make this rule known to their players, instructing them to act with sportsmanship, upholding the core values of the league.  If problems arise in a blowout game, the Team Manager for the offending team can and will be held accountable for the actions of his team (as in any other situation).

v)          BONUS POINT. Teams receiving 11 PIM or less in a game will receive an extra point for that game. 10 Minute Misconducts and Game Misconducts NOW count for purposes of the bonus point.   For the purpose of any Forfeit Game, the beneficiary of the forfeit will receive a full 3 points for the forfeit win.  Bonus Points are not calculated in the Playoffs.

vi)         PLAYER OF THE GAME AWARD.  Will be given out at the end of each game from one team to the player on the opposite team who represented either the MOST SPORTSMANLIKE ATTITUDE during the game or demonstrated some BRILLIANCE OR SHINING SKILL in his play.   If, for whatever reason, there is no tangible award to hand the player on a given week, that player must still be notified and a simple handshake will be sufficient.  The P.O.G. awards will most likely be 1-Free-Skate-Sharpening at ¡§Blatzy Sports¡¨ in the Langley Twin Rinks arena on the Langley Bypass across the street from Kwantlen.

vii)        SUBSTITUTE PLAYERS and TRADES.  Once a player has played for one team, he can only be traded once to another team, and if he plays for another team he is no longer eligible to play for any other team than the one he just played for.  Each team is allowed to carry a total of 15 Full Time Players + 1 Full Time Goalie + 8 Substitute Players + as many Substitute Goalies as needed.  All part time players including goalies are put on a Master List of Substitute Players.  On the website under Exhibition Teams will be a team heading called ¡§Substitute Players.¡¨  From this you can see all the substitute players, which team they play for, their stats and whether they are a goalie or a player.  SPECIAL NOTE: for the purpose of the 12:25 game times ONLY, any of the players listed on another team¡¦s Substitute List can play for any other team for their 12:25 games against the expansion Heritage Silverbacks.  Players can accumulate games towards playoff eligibility for their contractual team.

Each player is under ¡§verbal¡¨ contract to one specific team upheld by the powers of the league through the president¡¦s office.  One team will have the contract rights to all the full time and part time players listed on their roster, verified by each player through their Waiver Form and upheld by the league.  Players are allowed to be Traded ONCE.  Once they have switched from one team to another they are committed to that team for the remainder of the season including playoffs.  The President can veto or enforced the necessity for a trade.  Substitute players playing for other teams for the purpose of the 12:25 ice time will only accumulate games for their own team.

The CMCHL TRADE DEADLINE is the first day of games in the New Year, whereby all teams must finalize their rosters.  On the first day of games in the New Year, all team rosters are frozen for purpose of playoff eligibility.  This means that no one added to a team¡¦s roster after the Trade Deadline can be eligible for playoffs (with the exception of a late season trade from one team to another) regardless of how many games they play UNLESS they were listed on that team¡¦s roster before the deadline.  Players can NOW be added to a team¡¦s roster throughout the entire season as long as a team has enough room on their Substitute List and that the player has filled out a Waiver form prior to stepping on the ice (these players will not be eligible for playoffs regardless of games played).  Teams are also allowed to make a request to another team to carry any number of Inactive Players to free up spots on their own Substitute List.  An Inactive Player is a player who for whatever reason, does not intend to play anymore games or whose team has decided not to use him as a substitute player anymore.  These players remain on that team¡¦s Substitute List for the remainder of the season and will take up a spot unless that team can find another team willing to fill one of their own free Substitute List spots.  NOTE: team reps should not grant such favors if the team requesting the one-way trade is frivolous with its roster additions and team management practices.

viii)        TALENT CAP.  The CMCHL has implemented a Talent Cap system to ensure that one of the core league values of a Level Playing Field remains intact.  Each team is responsible for fielding a team within the guidelines of the Cap and failure to do so may result in action to be taken by the league, including Forfeit Games, Expulsion of Team from Playoffs, Player Eligibility Restrictions etc.  All teams are expected to aim for a total Team Rating of 54.  Each team is NOW allowed to be +/- 4 away from 54.  50 is NOW the lowest allowable team rating and 58 the highest.  Each player is rated 1-5 (5 being of the highest caliber in the league, 1 being of the lowest caliber).  Players superseding the top level of talent in the league will be given the label of ¡§Exceptional Player¡¨ and can be rated a 6 or 7 by the league President.  These players do not necessarily have to have Junior or Pro hockey experience.  The league President reserves the right to disallow any player that is well above a reasonable skill level to be able to play in the CMCHL.

ix)         FORFEIT GAME.  One may be given to any team that is deemed to have disregarded core league rules and bylaws, whether by direct intent or negligent actions which may cause their team to be completely unorganized and in violation of core league rules and bylaws.  Failing to adhere to the ¡§Talent Cap¡¨ system in the CMCHL or playing with an ineligible player are two such actions that may result in the occurrence of this rule.

x)         DISQUALIFICATION FROM PLAYOFFS.  This may be given to any team that is deemed to have disregarded core league rules and bylaws, whether by direct intent or negligent actions causing said team to be completely unorganized and indirectly in violation of core league rules and bylaws.  Failing to adhere to the ¡§Talent Cap¡¨ system in the CMCHL is one such action that may result in the occurrence of this rule.

CMCHL Mission Statement and Core Values

Every team member and especially the Team Manager is expected to uphold and support the mission statement and six core values of the C.M.C.H.L.

Mission Statement

The CMCHL exists to provide a Christian environment for hockey, bringing glory to God through sport and recreation.


Core Values


The CMCHL has adopted six core values to help us achieve our mission.  In no particular order, they are to provide:

„h       A good witness

„h       Sense of community

„h       Good sportsmanship

„h       Clean/safe hockey

„h       A professionally run league

„h       Level playing field