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Central Ball Hockey League 2017 - News Item

Competitive Players In Recreational Division Policy

Recreational teams my only have 1 player that is considered competitive based on numerous factors including skill level, league history, level of play in other hockey leagues, statistics, position and performance. Central Ball Hockey League has the right to determine by regular play that a player no longer can play in recreation based on their play style.


Teams are to understand and use common sense regarding a player’s skill. Defending goals is just as important as scoring them, thus stats only go so far. Players may be on a competitive team but when surrounded by recreational players we realize they may no longer be competitive. There are also players that may not play in a competitive division/league but are skilled or play in an aggressive manner not suited for recreation.


Ultimately this policy only works if captains know their players and use their common sense. All captains need to agree to maintain a recreational atmosphere regardless of the standings by keeping the rosters free of players that in their mind, before getting to ours, could shift the balance of the league by being on the court.